Security Conference September 25th

Next Thursday we will have security experts discuss various topics in decision-making and crisis management.

The Matthew B. Ridgway Center will host a conference entitled “Avoiding a Nuclear Sarajevo: Lessons from WW I for Crisis Management in the Twenty-First Century” from 9 am – 3 pm, Thur. Sept. 25 at the University Club, Ballroom B. The event will feature Dr. Jack Levy, a professor of Political Science at Rutgers University, and Dr. Avery Goldstein, professor of Global Politics and International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Levy will discuss “Conflicting Interests and Crisis Management in July 1914.” Dr. Goldstein will present “Crisis Instability and the Risk of US-China Military Conflict.” Professor Dennis Gormley will present “Taking the Long View: 1914 and the Second Conventional Age” and Dr. Forrest Morgan will discuss “The Structural Roots of Crisis Instability: 1914 and 2014.”


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