Ridgway Syllabi

Here are syllabi from courses offered by Ridgway-affiliated professors.  We hope these give students an idea of what to expect. Please note, these are only examples of previous offerings and are subject to change.  Classes are constantly evolving and each professor retains the right to make any alterations.

Dennis Gormley:

PIA 2426: Special Intelligence Topics

PIA 2412-1150: Analyzing Critical International Security Challenges

Ryan Grauer (click here for Dr. Grauer’s personal website and updated content):

PIA 3303: Advanced Seminar in Security Studies

PIA 2434/3434: Civil-Military Relations

PIA 3019: Integrative Seminar in International Affairs

PIA 2303: Security and Intelligence Studies

Michael Kenney:

PIA 2096: Terrorism Capstone

PIA 2327: Terrorism

PIA 2429: War on Drugs

Forrest Morgan (RAND profile):

PIA 2340-1100: Space and National Security

PIA 2352-1140: Strategy and Policy

Jen Murtazashvili (click here for Dr. Murtazashvili’s  personal website):

PIA 2428/3090: State Building

PIA 2505: Post-Conflict Reconstruction

PIA 2492: Politics of Central Asia

PIA 2458: Political Islam