About Steve Coulthart

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Stephen Coulthart is a Ridgway Center Associate and PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). Prior to coming to GSPIA, Coulthart earned a Master’s in International Relations and a Master’s of Public Administration from Seton Hall University. During this time he interned with the research division of Amnesty International’s US headquarters and was an associate editor for the Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy, a student-run publication called the “little journal with big ideas” by the Washington Times.

His research agenda focuses on addressing the difficult methodological problems posed by complex security threats.  Towards this goal, his dissertation research investigates the post-September 11th analytic tradecraft reform movement in the intelligence community. The research is the first application of “evidence-based intelligence analysis” and is the first comprehensive evaluation of structured analytic techniques.  Coulthart received the Harold D. Lasswell award from the Horowtiz Foundation for Social Policy to support this research.

Beyond his doctoral research, Coulthart co-authored a book chapter in the upcoming edited volume Methodological Challenges in the Study of Dark Networks with Michael Kenney.  In addition, he is currently co-authoring a future journal article examining the rise of post-9/11 intelligence studies programs in the U.S. with Matthew Crosston.

Coulthart has also acted as an instructor of several courses in public policy, political science, and intelligence studies. Currently, he is an adjunct professor of intelligence studies at Bellevue University’s International Security and Intelligence Studies program.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Steve at SJC62@pitt.edu.